• Dylan Roche

My First Virtual Race: A Chance to Make a Difference During the Pandemic

Everyone needs something to keep them sane while living under lockdown. For me, it’s been a combination of two things: writing and running.

In truth, these have always helped me structure my day and have provided me the outlets I need. Running is an excuse to get out of the house, get my blood flowing, clear my head, organize my thoughts. Writing is a project that I love to get lost in, whether it’s a magazine feature or my latest fantasy novel.

With so much uncertainty in the world these days, and so much of life being completely changed, running and writing have helped me maintain a sense of purpose. They’ve been tasks I needed to do.

But there’s still something missing. I keep feeling an overwhelming urge to make a difference during all of this. For me, I think I found that outlet this evening when I found out Charm City Run is organizing a Live Give Run virtual race to benefit the Maryland Food Bank and the University of Maryland Medical System’s COVID-19 Response Fund. All of a sudden, I found my answer.

Virtual Racing? Sure, Let’s Go for It

Now, I’ve never done a virtual race before, and quite honestly, I’ve never really seen the point in them. But I figured, what the heck? I’ve been so disappointed that every race I’ve registered for this season has been cancelled, so why not try getting excited about a virtual race. All the funds are going to charity, and I’ll be out there running anyway. What is there to lose?

This is also a good excuse for me to blog about virtual racing, so once I actually log my distances/times, I’ll report back here on what I enjoyed about the experience. And yes, I said distances/times, as in plural. I had the option of registering for a half-marathon, a 5K or a 10K, and I decided to register for all three because YOLO.

If you’re interested in joining the virtual race, it goes until April 30 and you can register here. This is the inaugural Live Give Run event for Charm City Run, so I’m excited to be a part of it. As the registration page explains, the race serves as motivation for people to stay in shape during quarantine, and it’s a great way to support those who are keeping Marylanders safe during a scary time.

In short, it’s what I think a lot of us are feeling the need for right now.

  • Side note — Give Blood: I also read that there’s an increasing need for blood donation because of the pandemic, and that blood is in short supply. As it’s now officially 10 weeks since I last donated, I was only too happy to sign up for the Anne Arundel Medical Center blood drive hosted by the David Orso Team of Compass Real Estate. If you’re in the area, you should go register, too!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

More importantly, stay sane. Stay motivated.

We’re going to get through this.


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