• Dylan Roche

Warming Up for the Polar Bear Plunge

We had an unseasonably warm day here in Maryland, so I decided to take advantage of the nice weather to shamelessly promote and warm up for — if you’ll pardon that pun — the Maryland Polar Bear Plunge to benefit Special Olympics Maryland.

How do you warm up for Polar Bear Plunge? By doing a pre-plunge, of course.

If you don’t mind watching videos, here I am explaining it:

Most of the text in this blog post is transcribed from this video, so you really don’t have to watch and read both (unless you want to).

As I explain in the video, what I did today was sort of a halfhearted Polar Bear Plunge. It wasn’t in the Chesapeake Bay; it was in the Severn River. It wasn’t at the foot of the Bay Bridge; it was at the neighborhood beach where I grew up (though if you were there in person, you could have seen the Route 50 bridge waaaay off in the background). Finally, it wasn’t in typical January weather; it was nearly 70 degrees.

^^^this is a guy who wants for you to donate to his Special Olympics Maryland fundraiser. I mean, c'mon...he jumped in the river just to show you how serious he is!

So I ran and submerged myself in the river as an act of showing how committed I am to raising money for Special Olympics Maryland. Brr! The air might have been warm, but that water was still frigid.

If you want to see me do the real Polar Bear Plunge at the end of January (because why wouldn’t you?), go visit my fundraising page: Anything is appreciated, and nothing is too small.


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