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It should have been a sign to everyone when I started reading Shakespeare and Dickens in elementary school and spent time diagramming sentences for fun. And let's just say love for language, words, and storytelling only grew from there.


After graduating from the University of Maryland with a bachelor's in English, I worried that it was going to be a lifetime of trying to find a practical use for my degree. Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for all the people who want to make cheap jokes about those of us who major in liberal arts), I established myself as a journalist and have pursued publication with local, regional, and national publications.


In 2019, my first novel, The Purple Bird, debuted with Little Creek Books, marking an exciting turn for my career as a writer. I never thought my protagonist, Archit, would become the star of his own series (I told his story! It was time to move on after that book was finished!), but I'll admit I've heard enough enthusiastic response from readers that I'm currently plotting out a series. Stay tuned.

These days, I'm balancing a career encompassing all kinds of writing: journalism, copywriting, blogging, fiction writing, playwriting, editing, and even creative coaching. When I'm not at my desk, I'm usually out for a long-distance run or going on an adventure with my dog, Tyrion the corgi.

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