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An fantasy adventure for fans of Wings of FireHarry Potter, and Percy Jackson

The Tide and the Stars

All Marin has ever been—and ever will be, as far as he knows—is a servant. He’s grown up working for an evil witch called Ilth, never having any idea who his parents were or where he came from.

But then comes the day he and another servant, Aster, find the courage to run away to seek their fortunes in the great wide world…

The only problem is that the world holds much more danger than Marin and Aster ever expected—tyrannical kings, vengeful demigods, goblin armies, and legendary


And Ilth is tracking them down with wicked schemes of her own.

The greatest challenge comes when Marin learns he must seek out a long-lost magic sword he’ll need if he’s going to save the life of Princess Elspeth and the entire kingdom of Blunia. It’s a dangerous quest to expect of anyone—least of all someone who is nothing more than a runaway servant.

Coming June 11, 2024 - Preorder today



Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Archit the Purple Bird and the Shannassy kids as they journey to the far-off world of Nalgorida. 

The Purple Bird

No matter how long he has yearned to escape his boring life as an ordinary teenager, nothing can prepare James Shannassy for the afternoon when he meets a figment bird called Archit and the two of them set off for the world of Nalgordia to break a centuries-old curse.


Being the hero of his own fantasy adventure isn't exactly what James expected it to be, but when he finds himself caught up in an epic fight against a force of evil, he knows he might be the only one able to stop it. Archit's fate now rests entirely in his hands...and there's no turning back now!

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